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Provider Credentialing & Enrollment Your Credentials Are Our Priority!

Credentialing is the first step to start billing medical insurance and generating revenue and we know that Provider Enrollment is annoying, but it doesn’t have to be. Our Provider Enrollment Specialists are right here, ready to serve you!
With our on time, accurate enrollment process, you’ll be accepting payments from Government and Private Insurance payers in no time. Or enrollment process is designed to automate the process of onboarding new providers and keep a steady flow of revenue for your practice.
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Provider Enrollment
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Provider Enrollment

What Information is Required For Credentialing

Most common requirements are as follows:
Medical Credentialing is an ongoing process that requires maintenance every 3 to 5 years. Keeping track of expiring documents can be inconvenient. At Majestic Medical Billing, we maintain client records to identify when credentials are scheduled to expire and efficiently actively start re-credentialing process so your practice can maintain a seamless operation.
Each state has its own medical license application process, eligibility, and expiration requirements. Our Credentialing Specialists are focused on providing comprehensive and reliable services by using their extensive experience in credentialing across the United States. We analyze your portfolio and specialty, and recommend solutions to streamline your enrollment process.
To receive reimbursements from various insurance providers, you’ll need to enroll as an in-network provider, unless the fee schedule for an out-of-network provider is more beneficial (conditions vary by individual situation). MMB has a team of health insurance experts who have years of experience of successfully enrolling healthcare providers of different sizes, medical specialties, and types of your service. We’ll work with you to make the credentialing process effortless.

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Why work with MMB? Contracting & Credentialing, Provider Enrollment, and Licensing is very time consuming. Our team will save you much needed time on paperwork and phone follow-up and eliminate the frustration associated with the process. Call Us @ (888) 442-4490 or Request your Free Consult by completing the form below.
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