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  • Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solution - Address all your medical billing  and coding needs conveniently in one place.

  • Expertise in Multiple Specialties - Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with different vendors for various medical specialties.  Our team is equipped to bill insurance claims for multiple specialty, MDs, DOs, Mental Health Specialists, and other healthcare providers including but not limited to Laboratories and Radiology.

  • Tailored Services - We understand that each problem requires a unique solution. That's why we go the extra mile to analyze, identify, and eliminate any loopholes.

  • Innovative Approaches - Our dedicated analysts invest considerable time in uncovering and countering billing and reimbursement trends, providing you with exceptional and effective solutions.

  • Reliable Timeliness - We recognize the urgency of reimbursements and work around the clock to ensure timely delivery.

  • Data Security - Our strict access controls, rigorous standards, and multiple layers of security guarantee the confidentiality and protection of your sensitive data.

  • Transparent Processes and Pricing - Trust is the cornerstone of a long-term partnership. Rest assured, there are no hidden charges or surprises with us. Smooth

  • Transition Support - Handing over your medical billing services to us? Sit back and relax as we provide comprehensive assistance throughout the transition.

  • Meticulous Attention to Detail - Our well-coordinated teams meticulously handle all aspects and ensure seamless communication to maximize your reimbursement potential.

  • Unwavering Client Satisfaction - Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction, and we spare no effort to fulfill our promises and exceed your expectations.


Account Expert 

Your practice is assigned your own account expert(s). Our deep understanding of healthcare provide valuable insights about best billing practices, regulatory compliance, and revenue cycle management.

Improved Collections

We can help improve collections by implementing effective collections strategies, such as sending out patient statements, following up on unpaid claims, and negotiating with insurance companies.

Maximizing Revenue

We will help your practice maximize revenue by ensuring that claims are submitted promptly, accurately, and in compliance with regulations. This can lead to a decrease in denied claims and an increase in overall revenue.

Advanced Technology

MMB uses advanced billing software and technology to streamline the billing process and improve accuracy. This can result in faster payments, fewer errors, and increased efficiency.

Financial Stability

Our team wil help increase the financial stability of your practice by providing transparent finanacial reports, reducing cash flow fluctuations and providing predictable revenue streams. This can help your practice plan for the future and make strategic decisions.

Reduced Admin Costs

MMB will help your practice reduce the administrative burden on your practice by freeing up staff time that would otherwise be spent on billing and collections. This can allow your practice to focus on patient care and other core functions.


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