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Financial Reporting

Revenue Cycle Management Financial Reporting is essential to using current and historical data to detect and predict trends to improve the financial health of your practice. These reports can assist the medical billing service provider and your practice staff in improving patient care quality, clinical documentation and coding, clean claim submission, and cash flow management.

Your Practice’s Financial Health

View the financial health of your practice with transparent reporting. Monthly access to the information you need to maintain a financially sound medical practice or medical group.
It’s essential to use your organization’s data to as a vantage point. Our trained and experienced Medical Billing Specialists will provide access to the most important metrics and help you understand how to incorporate it into your day-to-day operations and decisions. When you understand the financial health of your healthcare organization, you can plan for its future.

See How You Get Paid

Discover your complete health insurance payer-mix and see where your practice is most profitable.

Identify Trends

Easily identify trends on when your practice or group experiences increased and/or decreased visits and income spikes/declines.

Charge & Payment Reports

See exactly what is being charged and find out what percentage of the allowed amount is being paid every month. Pinpoint accuracy details of your medical billing process,

Customized Reports

Reports customized to the needs of your practice or medical group. Project insurance payments and patient visits to assist with future financial decisions. See how well your medical billing solution is working for you.