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We provide full practice management, medical billing & coding services for our clients Nationwide. We strive to obtain full financial reimbursement in a timely manner for medical services provided so Physicians and Healthcare Providers can focus on quality patient care. While doing so, we not only meet but exceed all your medical billing needs by adhering to the highest levels of customer service, ethical values, compliance, integrity, and continuous education to stay current and maintain our revenue cycle management expertise. We identify the areas of a medical practice that may be losing revenue and ensure the Providers are reimbursed quickly by submitting timely, clean claims. We’ll appeal any denials and underpayments, and complete meticulous follow-ups for the entire life of each claim.

Our team offers more than 2 decades of experience and unmatched expertise working with private and government insurance payers and IPAs on behalf of Physicians, Mental Health organizations, other Non-Physician Healthcare Providers, medical practices, medical groups, hospice providers, and hospitals. Each customer service-focused team member is rigorously hand-picked with verified qualifications to ensure that our Providers/Partners receive the best medical billing services possible.

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“Always available Always have a smile Efficient Great quality work My insurance returns are amazing! You’ll be on a winning team with Majestic Medical Billing”

Bronwyn R., CO

“I had an amazing experience with Majestic Medical Billing! Their team was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient in handling all of my billing needs. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction truly sets them apart. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of medical billing solutions.”

Morgan J., IL

“Working with Majestic Medical Billing has been an absolute delight. Their team of experts have streamlined our billing process and have helped us increase our revenue. They are always responsive to our inquiries and provide excellent customer service. We highly recommend their services!”

Thomas D., NY

Majestic Medical Billing is HIPAA compliant

While we are located in United states, we are proudly serving Providers and Medical Practices Nationwide with a US-based team. Learn more about our services and find out if a partnership with us is the right fit for you by contacting us today.