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Top 10 Medical Billing Companies in Florida – Instead of trying, it was accepted that God is the savior. But in today’s time, there are so many diseases that treatment for every disease is possible. There are modern machines for this. But it is challenging to handle all this. In such a situation, medical billers and medical coders come forward to provide convenient services that handle all the tasks related to your payment. Today, we will talk about the top medical billing and coding companies in Florida.

Every sector and every industry in the world is trying to simplify the way they work. In such a situation, if we talk about the medical field and medical institutions, there has been a lot of expansion in it. In earlier times, there were not so many diseases. Some diseases which used to be very serious. It was considered impossible to cure them.

Here is a little information about Florida:

The Gulf of Mexico borders Florida to the southeast. Additionally, it is the only state that borders both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Many tribes of America have been living here for many years. Florida was a Spanish territory that Great Britain and Spain repeatedly attacked; they fed up with this and ceded it to America.​​

The state of Florida is also considered to be the hottest state in America. In the present era, the health sector of the state of Florida is also changing very fast; many changes have taken place in technology; it is keeping pace with the competition to provide health services.

List of Top 10 Medical Billing Companies in Florida –

Top Medical Billing and Coding Companies that Provide Services in Florida.

Majestic Medical Billing –

You will good to know how we provide the best service in the medical or coding field. Our team always proves themselves helpful in increasing the revenue of the exhibitions and hospitals where we provide our services. Along with this, we also increase the cash flow.

We want the patient to get relief from all his problems to recover as soon as possible. Along with this, the doctor and the organization should get their payment on time. In such a situation, good relations can be established between the two.

“In many companies, it is seen that the employees are not working properly and its associates have to face many problems.”

So, we established this company to make it better, which has been providing high-quality services and models to many medical institutions for more than 18 years.

Provide other services by majestic medical billing:

  • Electronic Payment Solution
  • Credentialing
  • Reporting


Name: Majestic Medical Billing
Registered Address: 14420 Civic Dr., Suite 6, Victorville, CA 92392.
Phone: (888) 442-4490 | Fax: (888) 573-9303

Primed Billing –

Primed Billing has been operating in this field for a long time. They considered a genius in the field of billing and coding. The company has over 10 years of experience. They aim to strengthen the relationship between the patient and the medical institution.

Also, the company wants to make the operations much easier with its facilities. No matter what the size of the medical institution is for this, The company knows how to make good arrangements. Gets bills paid on time and helps in smooth negotiations.

Services provided by primed billing:

  • Medical Practice Management
  • Healthcare IT Consulting
  • Healthcare Back Office

Company Address: 3815 Maryweather Lane, Ste # 102 Wesley Chapel, FL 33544.

Medical Billing Star –

The company has been working in billing service for a long time and is an expert in state management, which increases your income also they work 24 hours, failing which they are told not to take a salary. After negotiating with the insurance companies, they get all the bills paid on time and send the receipt to the patient so that the patient and the medical institution do not face any problem and their relationship becomes stronger.

Medical Billing Star provides services:

  • EMR Billing
  • PMS Support
  • Accounting

Registered Address: 2631 NW 41 St # A, Gainesville, FL 32606, United States.

Gables Medical Billing –

Gables Medical Billing has adapted to changing times. Many experts in it also handle the work of IT cells. Its objective is to reduce the distance between the patient and the medical institution. Gables Medical Billing acts as a link between companies and medical institutions. Gables Medical Billing is an expert in effective communication.

Other services provided by Gables Medical Billing :

  • Medical Claims Recovery
  • Pediatric Medical Billing services
  • ABA Therapy Billing & Coding

Registered Address: 4649 Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables, FL 33146, United States.

My Billing Company –

My Billing Company has over 20 years of experience in providing medical billing and coding services to medical institutions & hospitals. For this, it has people who are experts in managing institutions with great experience and also provide good service to the patients and medical institutions.

The institute considers it its duty to provide the highest quality to its clients. He knows how to overcome all the factors well to deal with the obstacles and also works on Revenue Cycle Management, which increases your income.

Services provided by My Billing Company:

  • Consulting Services
  • Medical Billing & Coding
  • Provider Enrollment

Company Address: 12565 Orange Drive, Suite 401, Davie, FL 33330, US.

Consolidated MD –

Consolidated MD Company has an experienced team that has been working to provide medical coding and billing facilities for many years. Giving relief to the doctors lightens their mood and frees them from problems like payment. They work to provide their facilities while keeping in mind the legal changes in the field. Consolidated MD has many professionals who increase your revenue.

Other Services provided by Consolidated MD:

  • Provider New Practices Startup
  • Audits
  • Compliance Programs

Company Address: 306447 3rd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

Legion Healthcare Solutions –

4 people started Legion Healthcare Solutions. Which used to provide only some services in the medical field, but today, the size of the company is massive. The company has experienced billers and coding people who provide its facilities in many big institutions. Legion Healthcare Solutions is useful in providing services like insurance verification and AR measurement and can also manage revenue cycles. It improves your organization’s cash flow.

List of services provided by Legion Healthcare Solutions :

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Insurance Verification
  • Hospital Billing
  • AR Management

Use email:

BC Medical Billing –

BC Medical Billing specializes in financial and industrial operations to provide high-quality care to its clients. The company has experts in billing and coding. Those are capable of getting all types of payments from insurance companies. Also, they make all the payments to the institute on time and prepare bill receipt data. They also send patients. Whenever the insurance company makes any deduction in the payment, it is passed directly to the patient.

Other services provided by BC Medical Billing:

  • Billing & Coding
  • Insurance Contracting
  • Revenue Cycle Management

Registered Address: 2001 Tyler Street, Suite 211, Hollywood, FL 33020.

Healthcare Profit Assurance –

Healthcare Profit Assurance is one of the top-ranked companies in medical billing. Reduces the amount of paperwork for medical staff. The company has professionals to deal with reimbursement issues, which also boosts your productivity. The company is well aware of all the details and aims to maximize the cash flow of the medical institution. All payments are made on time after negotiating with the insurance companies. Get it done live.

Other services provided by Healthcare profit assurance:

  • HPA Telemedicine
  • HPA Value-Added
  • PCMH
  • Managing Reports

Registered Address: 980 N Federal Hwy #110, Boca Raton, FL 33432, United States.

Aspire Connect Prosper –

Aspire Connect Prosper is a revenue cycle management company. Who has been working in the field of medical billing for more than 13 years and considers it their duty to provide good facilities to the customers. Along with this, the company also has experienced people associated with this field.

They are an expert in effective communication. The company also has healthcare professionals who provide the best services and facilities to medical institutions, which leads to good management of the company, which generates good revenue and improves the institution’s cash flow. The company is successful in settling all the payments on time.

Services Provided By Aspire Connect Prosper:

  • RCM Services
  • Dental Billing
  • Application Development
  • Application Management

Company Address: 618 E. South St. Suite 500 Orlando, FL 32801.

FAQS ABOUT: Top 10 Medical Billing Companies in Florida.

Question.1 Are medical billing and accounting the same?

Answer 1 Whether it is medical billing or coding, both tasks are related to each other. The coders prepare all the information from the patient’s appointment to his treatment, which they feed into their computer. After that, the work of the billers starts. Pay bills based on data.

Question.2 Will one person be enough for billing and coding?

Answer 2 Whether it is the billing person or the coding person, both are well aware of each other’s work because when the coders collect the data, they give it to the billing person. They take further action only after seeing the data. If the organization is small and there is little work, then even one person will be enough for it.

Question.3 Can I run a medical institution without medical billing and coding?

Answer. 3 If you are thinking of doing this, then it is impossible in any way because if you run a medical institute, then your most important responsibility will be patient care. If you start doing all the work with it, then you will make your institute successful. This will weaken the patient’s ability to feel connected to you.

Question 4 Do medical billers and coders need to be experienced?

Answer. 4 Yes, it should be like this: experience is required to run any work, and if you get your work done by experienced people then it will be beneficial for you, this will make your work faster and also all the payments will be on time.