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Top Medical Billing Companies in Colorado – One of the most consistent problems in medical problems is upkeeping billing standards, whether small or large. Medical billing has become a complex process of navigating insurance providers, working with patients to receive full payment, and submitting claims. Many health providers struggle with medical billing from managing needs to staying up to date with the state and federal policy. In this blog, we are going to discuss the Top Medical Billing Companies in Colorado. To know more Stay Tuned!

Medical billing companies provide various advantages over in-house billers. This has led many facilities to invest in medical billing companies in USA for their billing needs because these services offer reduced time and features. Here we have a medical billing companies’ list in Colorado.

What are Medical Billing Companies?

Medical billing companies are businesses where you contract out your patient billing to be done for you. Healthcare facilities and other medical organizations count on medical billing companies for timely payments. Collaborating with these companies helps to maximize revenue and streamline operations. They can handle a wide range of tasks such as medical coding, billing, and invoicing services. Some of the major services medical billing companies provide include:

  • Patient registration and enrollment in your system
  • Insurance verification
  • Coding Compliance
  • Billing compliance
  • Preparing and sending claims
  • Payment posting
  • Claim denial management
  • Revenue and financial wellness reports

The Ultimate List of Top Medical Billing Companies in Colorado

The list of some Top Medical Billing Companies in Colorado is given below:

Majestic Medical Billing –

Majestic Medical Billing is one of the top medical billing companies in Colorado. It delivers solutions regarding medical billing that are specific to medical practices and healthcare facilities. They aim to offer profitable solutions for medical billing that maximize profits and also stabilize the revenue cycle.

All the services of Majestic Medical Billing are secure, most specific, and result-yielding as well. The service provider has earned the trust of several medical practices by maximizing their revenue and providing them with desirable results with the help of its appropriate medical billing solutions and strategies. They believe in effective and efficient working and make sure that the delivery of medical billing services is customized to the unique needs.

Majestic Medical Billing Company brings a combined experience of more than 2 decades and unmatched expertise working with private and government insurance players. Some of the features and services Majestic Medical Billing provides include:

  • Authorization request & tracking
  • Electronic & paper claim submission
  • Re-submission 
  • Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Solutions
  • Credentialing
  • Data Security
  • Transition Support
  • Transparent Processes and Pricing
  • HR benefits
  • Bank transactions monitoring 

Contact Details

Location/Address – 14420 CIVIC DR. SUITE 6, VICTORVILLE, CA 92392

Number – (888) 442-4490

Email –

Priority Medical Billing Inc.

Priority Medical Billing is a large company that hosts a wide array of medical billing services. It is the most responsible, and flexible medical billing service available in the market and also gives you the transparency you need to enhance your medical practice performance. They are a highly rated company with software solutions that help with your revenue cycle management. The service provider helps you pinpoint financial opportunities so you can drive practice revenue.

Their mission is to provide healthcare facilities with the highest quality billing and patient services possible. Priority Medical billing is a full-service billing company with over 50 years of combined medical billing experience in a variety of services. Some key features and services of Priority Medical Billing are:

  • Accurate and Timely Claim Submission
  • Continuous Insurance Follow-up
  • Payment Posting and Patient Billing
  • Handling of all Patient Billing Questions
  • Practice Management Software
  • Financial and Statistic Reports
  • Administrative and Consulting Services

Contact Details

Location/Address – 3020 Oro Blanco Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Number – 708 362 6080

Email –

Top Medical Billing Companies in Colorado


Ponderosa Medical Billing –

Ponderosa Medical Billing is also one of the most reputed and reliable medical billing companies in Colorado. Their team optimizes your entire revenue cycle and takes on the most time-consuming tasks to ensure that healthcare providers are running at maximum efficiency and profitability. Ponderosa Medical Billing has a ton to offer.

They have been operating since 1989, and their mission and vision have always stayed the same. Ponderosa Medical Billing believes that insurance billing should never be stressful and time-consuming. They have connections and processes in place to avoid any kind of billing hassle. They also ensure that there is always an expert available to answer queries based on specialized knowledge of your area of practice. Some key services and features of Ponderosa Medical Billing are:

  • Credentialing
  • Financial Review
  • Physician Credentialing
  • Authorization Tracking
  • Claims Appeals & Follow-up
  • New Patient Verification
  • Patient Collections

Contact Details

Location/Address – 1322 N Academy Blvd #204, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Number – 800-452-9284

Email –

Medical Billing Center –

Medical Billing Centre offers exceedingly high-quality medical and healthcare billing and coding services as per the requirements of healthcare facilities and other medical organizations. They provide quality medical billing and bookkeeping services since 1988. By using their proven billing methods clients achieve maximum profitability. They help you focus more on the treatment of your patient and less on boring paperwork for insurance claims and accounts receivable.

With over 40 years of Experience in Medical Billing, they have a long-standing reputation of trusted medical billing services and increased revenue. Some key features and services of the Medical Billing Centre include:

  • Insurance Authorization
  • Charge Entry
  • Payment Posting
  • Appeals of Denied Claims
  • Weekly Deposit Records
  • Accounts Receivable Reports
  • Payroll and Bookkeeping
  • Credentialing
  • Credit Card Payments

Contact Details

Location/Address – 301 S Howes St #206, Fort Collins, CO 80522

Number – (970) 221-3456

Email –

Medical Billing Professionals –

Medical Billing Professionals is a trusted medical billing company putting all of its efforts with great dedication and excellence for years. They know what goes into delivering highly effective and revenue-boosting medical billing services. Their goal is to allow the healthcare provider to concentrate on medicines, not on insurance companies. They provide a committed, responsible, and educated team of professionals with experience. With over 40 years of experience in medical billing, Medical Billing Professionals are committed to providing services to help your practice grow. Some of the main features and services of Medical Billing Professionals are:

  • Quicker reimbursement rates
  • Reduced aged receivables
  • Minimize office expenses
  • Improve average per-visit returns
  • Improve cash flow

Contact Details

Location – 40 W. Littleton Blvd, Set 210059, Littleton, CO 80120

Number – 720-283-0960

Email –

Wrapping Up!

To sum up, everything that has been stated so far in medical billing services is payment practices within the health system. They provide specialty services such as billing, appointment reminders, collection, and medical coding services. They make it easier for healthcare providers to focus on the treatment of the patients not on the tedious billing practices. Some of the Top Medical Billing Companies in Colorado are listed above. Hope you find this blog informative.